What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy gets bad press from the media (TV and film) Hypnotherapy does not and cannot take control of someone to make them do things against their will. Hypnotherapy is a therapy to help people to achieve what they want in life or to change whatever they may desire and point them in the correct direction. We live life in a subconscious trance and achieve what we want. Successful people will focus on being successful which attracts success to them. Others who are not so successful will focus on negativity and not be as successful. If you are struggling to lose weight stop thinking about not wanting to be fat as whatever you think about you will attract. For example “Don’t think about blue spots” you immediately think about spots of some kind.

You may also wonder at the weekend why if Scotland rugby beat Ireland in their first match why did they not beat England like Ireland did as Scotland must be the stronger better team? An athlete can be the strongest athlete ever but without a strong mind or belief then its worthless. Before the Scotland/England match too many reports were going around about it being so long since Scotland beat England and how England had beaten Scotland more times. A majority of the team probably listened to or read these reports which led to them believing they could not beat England in any way. If the team had the opposite belief then I’m sure they would have beaten England. At the end of the day its the beliefs of the players and not the strength……A competition can be won in the changing room if your beliefs are strong enough.