Stress and anxiety

Everyone suffers from Stress and anxiety at one point in there lives its just unfortunate some of you suffer more than is required. Stress is normally the cause of the anxiety which isn’t good but can also be helpful to rid the anxiety. If we know what is stressing us out then steps can be taken to cure the anxiety. For some people the anxiety caused by the stress in a particular situation can hamper someones life holding them back and not allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. Believe it or not there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK in 2016. So when you feel as though you are alone in suffering you are in fact not. In fact that person next to you in the supermarket is probably suffering some type of anxiety. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders than men. This does not mean men are better than women or women are better than men. Anxiety is a completely natural emotion we are all born with and the good news it can be controlled or even cured naturally. Where someone may get a buzz or Adrenalin rush from performing in front of a large audience and others may well be terrified in the same situation. We can learn to change our subconscious reactions with many different hypnotic techniques. Imagine feeling happy at situations that once terrified you and held you back. Push yourself to the front in any situation and set the example you want.


Hypnotherapy raises self-confidence and self-esteem; it helps build a stronger and more rational perspective to a particular situation, thing, person or oneself that may have led to a state of panic previously. Imagine feeling in a state of relaxation for a situation that once caused panic. A relaxed state and focus has proven to improve performance in all situations from work to exams to sporting events.