Another word for hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be belief. Someone with such strong beliefs can achieve anything they want. In fact a person with such strong beliefs can almost enter into a trance like state (focus) and become so focused they are not aware of whats going on around them. With this focus anything is achievable. An example of this is when trying to lose weight someone may constantly focus on don’t want to be fat. The keyword here is “FAT” if someone constantly thinks and focuses on the word FAT then that’s what they will attract. If this focus and belief was to be turned around and that person was to think about being healthy then they would see more success. Another example of this could be when someone said “don’t think about spots”. You will immediately think about spots. Hypnotherapy is not what you see on TV it is having a strong belief for what you want to achieve. Successful people will believe they can become successful and see it in their mind. Hypnotherapy allows the client to enter a relaxed calm state blocking out all other interruptions to achieve what they want in life. Its almost like having a day dream that you can start or stop whenever you want.


So really a hypnotherapist could be known as a relaxation therapist allowing any clients to have clear focus for what they have to change in life and how to get there. Too many people talk about a hypnotherapist making them do things when really its the person themselves doing everything they want and the hypnotherapist is there to provide the guidance which doesn’t seem as scary as saying a hypnotist will control them and make them do things……..Nothing is done against the clients will.

The following are stories of people who were able to change their beliefs to become successful

What would you expect to happen to a child who was born to an unmarried mother who was only 13 and was abused as a child and brought up in poverty? This child herself went on to have a teenage pregnancy herself. How would you expect this story to end? Probably not the way you are thinking as this is the story of Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful women in the world. Something changed for her and it was her belief that she could be successful and make a change. Look how successful she became just by changing her belief.

What about a single mother who had a child and was living on benefits? She had a dream of writing a book and no matter what everyone kept telling her give up get a proper job you have a child to look after. No matter what this person had belief and a dream. That person was JK Rowling and we all know how successful she is.

Then there was Steve jobs who was put up for adoption and then dropped out of college. With his belief look how successful he became.

As you can see all you need is belief and with hypnotherapy as a tool to help you gain belief and positivity you can get there.